Recruiting Announcement

Hello. We are recruiting for S.Korea market.
Please, check out our notice of job opening and apply via here below links or send us an email directly with your resume to

[ 더블유티지 채용 ]

+ 이메일 지원 : 아래 공고 내용을 확인 후 이력서, 자기소개서, 경력기술서를 메일로 보내주십시오.

+ 사람인 공고 확인 클릭, Saramin Notice View +

+ 잡코리아 공고 확인 클릭, JobKorea Notice View +

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As our company CI has been changed, we announce the new CI and business card. Please refer to this. Thank you.


더블유티지의 로고와 명함이 2017년 11월 새롭게 변경되었습니다. 업무에 참조 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.

2017 New

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Title: The world in view of global marketing
Writer :  Kwanyoung Stella Park  CEO, White Tiger Ground
Originated from IM that is one of monthly magazines in S.Korea for digital marketing  and related others.
Distributed by Venturesquare and MBN News (Maeil Business Newspaper)




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WTG Insight Oct_IM
 WTG Insight Oct_IM




Global Marketing_08_02 Global Marketing_08_01 July.2015Screenshot-2015-07-23-17.39.42 Screenshot-2015-07-23-17.39.47 Global Marketing_06
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